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FURNITEX Safety Belt Manual Self-propelled Wheelchair (FT-WC2)

FURNITEX Safety Belt Manual Self-propelled Wheelchair (FT-WC2)

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FURNITEX Safety Belt Manual Self-propelled Wheelchair (FT-WC2)


Regular Sturdy Foldable Model With 24" Rear Spoke Wheels For Self Maneuvering With Fixed Arm And Footrest. The Durable Attractive Frame Is Lightweight So It's Light Enough For A Loved One Or Caregiver To Handle. The Chair Folds Compactly So You Can Take It With You Wherever You Go. You Won't Lack Comfort Or Safety With The Durable Easy To Clean Upholstered Seat and durable PU armrests. The Footrest Can Flip Up For Easy Access To And From The Chair. Adjusting the Height of the Foot Plate Using a spanner, slightly loosen the portion of the step pipe where. It is bolted to the foot plate. CAUTION Flip the footplate up whenever getting on or off the wheelchair Ensure that the footplate is at least 7cm above the ground.If placed too low, the footplate will hit obstacles when traveling unevenly, causing the wheelchair to be off-balance. Folding the Wheelchair Flip the footplate upwards in the direction of the arrow. Lift the center of the seat up to fold the wheelchair. Notes

When Using the Wheelchair

  1. Ensure that the brake is locked when getting on/off the wheelchair.
  2. 2. Do not step on the footplate when getting off the wheelchair, or the chair will tip forward.
  3.  3. Do not place the wheelchair near any sources of fire, or else the backrest may be set on fire, resulting in injuries.
  4. 4. To move up a step, the caregiver pushing the wheelchair must step on the tapping bar and push downwards at the handles, such that the front wheel castors are raised onto the step. Next, pull upwards at the handles to bring up the rear wheels. Do not try to push over the steps by force.
  5.  5. To move up or down a steep slope, ensure that a caregiver is around to support the wheelchair, otherwise, the chair may overturn, For a steep downward slope, the wheelchair should be turned to face upslope, and the caregiver should back the chair downwards gradually.

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